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  3. Best cheap microphones 2021: our pick of 8 budget microphones ideal for the studio or stage 1. Shure SM57. If you've seen a band play live in the last 30 years, or listened to any music at all in that time, then... 2. Shure SM58. While an SM57 can do vocals, and do them well, if you're a singer you.
  4. The MXL 770 is a condenser microphone with a -10 dB bass roll off switch. It's very sensitive, and does well both live and in the studio. Pound for pound, it's one of the best cheap recording microphones out there. To be fair, this microphone has a pretty good amount of coloration in its tone. There's a little boost around the low end and another small boost around the high end. Because of this, it's not quite as versatile as some of the other microphones on this list and.
  5. We've tapped the MXL 990 condenser mic as the best cheap microphone overall. With its broad response and thoughtful EQ adjustments, it's versatile enough to suit almost any home studio. If you're looking for a premium alternative, check out the MXL R144 ribbon microphone. It's got all the hallmarks of dark vintage ribbon tone without the vintage price tag
  6. The last microphone on the list of the best cheap microphones is the AKG P120 High Performance Recording Microphone, which some home-studio aficionados would call the best condenser mic under 200. The sensitivity of this microphone is similar to what you'll get from a studio microphone, with superior accuracy and depth
  7. The Best Cheap Studio Microphones for Home Recording MXL 990. For those of you really strapped for cash, this is your cheapest option. It's a bit more costly than other... Shure SM57 / 58. This is because they give you really good results with cheaper home studio gear but can also give you....

Samson C01 Vocal Condenser Microphone Every studio should have a large diaphragm studio condenser mic. It just so happens that the Samson C01 is simple, versatile, affordable, durable and great-sounding, especially for voice It is probably the best budget USB microphone as it costs you only 50 bucks that is actually pretty cheap. Fifine Condenser Microphone brings you some latest bunch of features that urge you to invest in this amazing product. Let's have a look at its eye-catching features that are enlisted below Why we like it: Priced at just $50, the Blue Snowball Ice is one of the best microphones at this price range. Blue Ice is known for the high-quality of its microphones, and this affordable microphone stands out among all the budget options The AT2020 takes our top spot in the best budget condenser microphones available under $100. Behringer B-1. In second place in our list of the best condenser mics under $100, is the Behringer B-1. This mic is a versatile condenser mic which can be used in a host of recording situations from spoken word to string quartets Shure SM57 and SM58 ($89): SM57, are the Toyota Camrys of the microphone world. There's a reason these unflashy but supremely reliable machines turn up everywhere, whether onstage with your.

The Marantz Pro MPM1000 is one of the best cheap microphones we have on this list. With studio-grade quality at such an affordable cost, it's easy to see why a lot of people use this microphone for home projects, such as podcasts and video voiceovers This microphone is possibly one of the best looking microphones in the whole under $500 price range. But looks aren't just everything this mic has to offer - no matter the input source, it sounds downright amazing. The Bluebird SL comes with two switches as well. A low frequency roll off and a -20 dB cut to the input signal And among the classics, the only one significantly cheaper is the Sennheiser e602 II. The good news is, despite the lower cost Some still argue that its the best bass mic on the planet at any price. Click to compare prices - (Amazon / B&H / Thomann The AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII studio mic is one the best studio microphones you could buy for the money. It comes at professional price tag, but the value really speaks for itself when you assign it to your recordings. Its most popular buyers in the home studio market tend to be sing-songwriter music producers. Sometimes they are bought in pairs for added flexibility of having multi polar patterns and filter options to combine with your audio source

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  1. TOP 5 Best Wireless Microphones For DJs - Reviews 6. Shure Digital Wireless Microphone System - PGXD24/SM58-X
  2. If you are looking to record your own songs, or a demo at home, then you want the best studio microphone for vocals within your budget so you can get the best possible sound. In a competitive modern industry, even home recording requires high quality results in order to get your demo or original songs noticed. A rough demo isn't going to cut it these days - which means you need the best.
  3. In today's post, I'm going to review the 5 best cheap microphones under $200 for budget home studios. Now, even though these mics are cheap in price, that does not mean they are cheap in quality.. Rather, they are all professional-quality dynamic and condenser mics designed for vocal and instrumental recording that also happen to also be inexpensive
  4. If you're looking for a microphone that can do just about anything in your studio and is affordable enough to purchase a pair, the SM81 is a classic that will serve your studio well. In short, the SM81 is a durable, affordable, versatile, flexible, classic sonically decadent microphone that when paired with a good preamp, can't be beat

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Die besten Cheap studio mic Vergleichstabelle - Das denken die Käufer Cheap studio mic - Nehmen Sie dem Favoriten. Um Ihnen als Kunde bei der Entscheidung ein wenig Unterstützung zu geben, haben unsere Produktanalysten auch noch einen Testsieger gewählt, welcher zweifelsfrei unter allen verglichenen Cheap studio mic beeindruckend auffällig war - insbesondere unter dem Aspekt. The best microphones for streaming in 2021 include: Shure SM7B — classic, yet expensive; Audio-Technica AT2020+ series — overall well-balanced; Blue Yeti USB — versatile and easy-to-use; Electro Voice RE-20 — elite and high-priced; HyperX QuadCast — trendy and cheap Hopefully, you can now choose your companion much easier Cheap microphones are the perfect place to start. That's when the specs, sound quality, and usability begin to make more sense. For now, make a note of what you want the mic for. Then, go through the reviews to see what products check enough of your boxes. Be sure to read user feedback for added guidance. About My 'Best Cheap Microphone. Testing the Zingyou BM-800 microphones!HUGE THANKS TO GEORGE FROM SOUND VISON STUDIO!https://soundvisionstudio.comSupport me by becoming a Patron:https://www.. Check out the best cheap microphones Create more music with the best studio monitors When doing you research there are plenty of brands you'll come across, the larger of which - Shure, AKG and Rode - have decades of history in the music and broadcasting worlds, and can be relied upon to deliver quality mics

There are many microphones on the market, and today, you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to find a quality product. Many times, you can get exactly what you need in a mic for under $200. So, here are some of the best studio microphones that should fit your tight budget AT 2035 is one of the most versatile microphones. It helps you deal with almost any type of sound you want. AT 2035 produces a very detailed and low noise voice. AT 2035 Mic is XLR Microphone which requires +48 Volts of Phantom Power My super cheap microphone for singing for under $60?Tonor TC20 Microphone! - https://amzn.to/3iT14TB (15% OFF code: AmaZane15)*this video was narrated with t..

FIFINE Studio Condenser USB Microphone Computer PC Microphone Kit with Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand Shock Mount for Instruments Voice Overs Recording Podcasting YouTube Karaoke Gaming Streaming-T669. 4.6 out of 5 stars 10,630. $62.99 $ 62. 99. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon. Get it as soon as Tue, Apr 6. FREE Shipping by Amazon. More Buying Choices $47.24 (5 used & new. Top 8 Best Cheap Microphones For Home Studio Recording In 2021 Reviews; Top 8 Best Microphones For Recording Electric Guitar On The Market 2021 Reviews; Mendini by Cecilio Gold Trumpet Brass Standard Bb Trumpet Review; Top 10 Best Turntables Under $200 To Buy In 2021 Reviews; Polk Audio PSW505 Revie VEC Electronics Headphones & Speakers In Stock. From the People Who Get IT Audio-Technica AT2021 is the best cheap studio microphone available in 2021. It has got a load of benefits for vocalists and musicians who want to record their vocals in an ideal manner. So, better check it out before the mic runs out of stock. Check Price on Amazo Before we dive into the best budget condenser microphone, I AT2020 has been considered to be the ideal first condenser microphone for home studio, because of its budget price and the quality it delivered. The low-mass diaphragm let it handle higher SPL than most condenser microphones. Although some people categorize AT2020 to medium diaphragm condenser microphone because of it's 16 mm.

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Here is the famous SM58 and SM57 dynamic microphone, which is known by Shure as the most popular microphone in its range in the world. The Shure SM-27 SC provides a flat and neutral frequency response, which is also used on stage For between $100-1,500, you'll able to find a great studio microphone for recording vocals. A reverberant room can destroy vocal recordings and make the differences between microphones negligible. To make the most of the microphones on this list, make sure you apply acoustic treatment to your home studio. If you don't have the budget to sound-treat an entire room, consider build a cheap and. The sE Electronics X1 S provides the sound and functionality of a high-end studio microphone at the fraction of the cost. The sE Electronics X1 S Condenser Microphone Pack, however, provides a heck of a lot of features for way under £200 1. AOBETAK External PC Microphone with Stand for PC and Smartphone, Professional 3.5mm Jack. By aobetak. 9.7. View Product. 9.7. 2. DISDIM PC Microphone, 3.5mm Jack Condenser Recording Microphone.

3. Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone - $169. The most expensive choice among the list of USB microphones featured here but is indeed remarkable if you have the budget. Rode Microphones have a reputation in the industry for creating all types of different microphones for broadcasts and studio For $47.99, this microphone's diaphragm style condenser really stands out for the audio quality it provides. Best of all, it comes with a convenient volume control, making it a great option for multi person podcasts. 15. THRONMAX MDRILL ZERO USB Condenser Microphone $ Studio quality recording; Omnidirectional or cardioid setting If your goal is not to record vocals in your home studio, but to record instruments, then the AKG P170 microphone is perfect. The recording quality will transmit the energy and dynamics of the instrument. The frequency coverage is 20-20000Hz and has a strong sensitivity, which is important for acoustic instruments. AKG provided an excellent low-cost microphone for recording at home. The design is metal and will last a long time The Shure Sm-58 is a shock mount type and best suited for live vocals. This one of the best dynamic microphones under budget and has been maintaining its reputation till now. The SM-58 is a cardioid pattern microphone that helps in the rejection of noise from the surrounding

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Best Cheap Preamp Under $200. What I mean here by cheap is anything under $200. There will be less expensive options but I won't point you to the absolute bottom rung, because most of them are going to be a waste of your money and no better (possibly worse) than your interface pre's. Try to get something where you won't be wanting to upgrade. The Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Microphone is a studio-quality condenser microphone that boasts pristine performance and great build quality. This studio condenser microphone features.. Zalman ZM-Mic1 is certainly not the best microphone on the market, but if you are looking for a cheap and powerful mic, it is a great option. 2. Blue Snowball. Price: $55.30. Unlike the previous entry on our list, Blue Snowball lets you choose the polar pattern you want to use during a live stream. You can either select the omnidirectional pattern that picks up sounds from all directions or. Some consider this best studio microphone for rap vocals. As I mentioned, users like it for its warmth, full bodied tone, and clarity. Very difficult to find a reasonable dissatisfied customer. Some even consider it better than more expensive mics. Only downside is the lack of a pad or filter. Read customer reviews @ Amazon. Bottom-line. The Rode NT1-A is a great all round microphone for any. If your building a home studio or you do video voice-overs as well, the MXL 990's versatility is a huge plus. In general, this microphone is one of the entry-level mics from MXL. However, it's rich sound quality will definitely surprise you for its price. The mic is pretty sensitive, so you may need to adjust the gain accordingly. Pro

Note: if you like this tut, make sure to check out our guide to the 10 best affordable microphones for home recording! Neumann U87. This microphone is THE modern vocal mic. For many studios and engineers the U87 is the default microphone for voice over and vocals because it delivers a bright, punchy, and modern sound. But vocals are not all this microphone can do. Try it out on other acoustic. Neumann TLM-102 Studio Condenser Microphone Studio Set: Best Condenser Mic Bundle: You can find a handful of ultra-cheap kits like the Behringer U-Phoria Studio PRO on the market. It may have all you need in one package, but we'd still recommend the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Studio. It's slightly more expensive, but offers much better sound quality and flexibility. Bottom Line. Whether.

Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio XLR Microphone - Best Under $200. The AT2020 is such a good option if you need a compromise between quality and value. It can be purchased for under $200, and has a surprising set of features when you consider the relatively low outlay to buy. Check here for the current price of the AT2020 at Amazon. The microphone comes with a case and. XLR Condenser Microphone, TONOR Professional Cardioid Studio Mic Kit with T20 Boom Arm, Shock Mount, Pop Filter for Recording, Podcasting, Voice Over, Streaming, Home Studio, YouTube (TC20) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 1,447 Probably the best cheap microphone for recording vocals and instruments that doesn't suck! 2. SHURE SM58 DYNAMIC MICROPHONE - £85.00 . I know what you're probably thinking: Wait this is a live microphone! and you'd be right. In fact, this is one of the best live microphones, possibly even THE best live microphone ever created. There's not a chance that you haven't seen these being used in a. Best Studio Condenser Microphones For Vocals Under £150 2018; News 22 Feb 2018 Back to News & Promos. Best Studio Condenser Microphones For Vocals Under £150 2018 22 Feb 2018. Here at Music Matter We Take A Look Into The Best Studio Condenser Microphones For Recording Vocals Under £150 For 2018 Featuring Rode, MXL, sE Electronics & More. So you're looking into getting yourself a Studio.

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  1. Top 10 Best Cheap Studio Headphones. Here are the 10 best cheap studio headphones under $50: Audio Technica ATH-M20X; Edifier H840; Samson SR850; Sennheiser HD 202 II; LyxPro HAS-10; OneOdio Pro-10; PreSonus HD7; AKG K72; Behringer HPS3000; Koss UR20; Audio Technica ATH-M20x. I have used these headphones myself, and for being only $50, they are extremely nice. I've used much more expensive headphones than these ones, and I honestly prefer these over the more expensive ones
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  3. So your vocals must be well-recorded, and choosing the best vocal microphone for your needs is Warm Audio is renowned for its affordable reproductions of sought-after studio staples, ranging from some of the best vocal microphones such as the Neumann U87 to rack compressors such as the UA 1176 and LA-2A. The WA-251 is based on the legendary Telefunken ELA-M251, a microphone so revered in.

Audio Technica AT2020 - Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone. BEST QUALITY TO PRICE RATIO IN ITS CLASS The AT2020 sets a new standard of performance and quality in studio condenser microphones at this price level. Its low-mass diaphragm is custom made for Brand: Unbranded Model: 8723138204 from R2 250.00. at Sound of Ministry. View Offer Add to compare From R2 250.00 at Sound of Ministry. View. The MXL 770 is, without a doubt, the best cheap studio microphone that satisfies the needs of most audio engineers and vocalists! 6. Rode NT1A Anniversary Package . At number 6, we have yet another model coming from Rode. The NT1A is considered as the best recording microphone in the under $250 price range by many musicians and sound engineers, and here's exactly why. While the lows aren't. For toms, the E604 is a difficult microphone to beat, and it's by far one of the best tom mics to invest for both studio and live use. Sennheiser also offers an industry-leading 10-year guarantee with the E604 microphone Best Cheap Gaming Headset Under $50 1. Bengo X-40 Premium Gaming Headset. View on Amazon * Check For Coupons - It's Free! Why we like it: The lightweight design, soft ear cups padding, head cushion, and noise isolation features are pretty cool. Editor's Rating: Design features Bengo X-40 gaming headset packs an excellent lightweight design that you'll love. Built with a skin-friendly. Overall this mic is excellent, it is pretty cheap but still gives you great recording potential and it's arguably one of the best USB mics available. Pros. Easy to setup. Integrated pop filter. A 20-foot USB cable. Exceptional recording quality. See the user reviews of the Rode NT-USB at Amazon | Thomann. Moving on to our next choice we have 5. Samson C01U Pro - USB Studio Condenser.

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Rockville's Rockshield 3 studio microphone isolation shield is the latest addition to our ever growing line of Pro Audio studio accessories. Featuring 2-inch-thick high density acoustic foam, the RockShield 3 keeps unwanted outside audio waves and vibrations from affecting your recordings. By creating an acoustic boundary around the microphone, vocal audio flow is improved. Your voice is. Find and Compare the Best Microphones Based on Price, Features, Ratings & Reviews. Read Expert Reviews & Find Best Sellers. Get 2-Day Shipping & Free Returns Been widely used in professional studios, Sennheiser MD421-II is the go-to toms microphone for most people. It's the best all-round dynamic microphone which sounds amazing at nearly everything. The flat frequency response from 30 to 17kHz and 150 dB high Max SPL let Sennheiser MD421-II reproduce the toms sound faithfully. Plus the five position bass roll-off switch keeps the overall frequency balance in check. If you want the desire fuller and rounder sound, Sennheiser MD421-II. The 10 Best Budget Filmmaking Microphones in 2021. In addition to our blog post about the best budget cameras for filmmaking, we thought it would be useful to provide a list on the top 10 affordable filmmaking microphones.We'll discuss (in no particular order):. Sennheiser XSW-D / Best lav mic for filmmakin The Yeti Nano sits as an outlier as the most 'expensive' budget mic on the list but offers more than the cheaper mics regarding features. The difference its 24bit / 48khz recording sample rates..

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10. Tzumi PopSolo: Best Bluetooth microphone for Smartphone users. Tzumi Popsolo is a Unique design best budget Bluetooth microphone. Its specially designed for smartphones users. A good thing about this mic is you'll get an inbuild smartphone holder. So, you'll be able to attach your phone with this microphone conveniently This list of best cheap microphones under $50 should help you improve your overall audio quality for your vlogs and live streaming. Extra Reviews. Zoom H1n Handy Recorder . This handy audio recorder gives you all the ability of a wireless handheld mic plus it has an audio-in jack that allows you to get an extra audio source for your video. Again, with the audio being recorded onto the mic you.

The GLS audio are the best microphones under 50$. This mic can be used for live and recorded speech and vocals. The dynamic cardioid design of this best mic for twitch streaming works well on stage use. These best microphones under 50 has strong build and best sound quality Best Mic Boom Arms For Streaming, Podcasting & Recording. 3 Benefits Of Suspension Boom Arms; Microphone Boom Arms: The Reviews. 1. RODE PSA1 Review; 2. Samson MBA38 Review; 3. Blue Compass Premium Broadcast Arm Review; 4. ON-STAGE MBS5000 Review; 5. YELLOWTEC m!ka Arm Review; 6. K&M 23860 Review; 7. ON-STAGE MBS7500 Review; 8. Heil Sound PL-2T Revie Sitting at the upper-to-middle price bracket, the Neumann TLM-102 is one of the best microphones for recording guitar for anyone looking to hone their recording craft. As a large-diaphragm condenser, the TLM-102 is great at acoustic guitars and vocals, with a slight boost at 6kHz adding some extra sparkle If I were going to pick the best home recording studio mic for under $100, the MXL 990 would be it. No, it's not the end all be all but it is a great choice to begin with because of its price, versatility and quality. My hope is that this list will be helpful to you in your pursuit to build your home music studio on a budget. As always, I'd love to hear any comments or feedback you may have. To help you narrow down those choices, I've chosen and reviewed the 20 best condenser microphones for studio recording that are available today for under $1,000. The Best Condenser Microphones For Home Studio Recording Under $1,000 Small Diaphragm Condenser Mics Shure SM81-L

The audio quality of this microphone has made it the go-to options for a lot of voice-over professionals. In the condenser microphone lineup, this can be the best microphone if you need top-notch audio quality. The Neumann TLM 103 is XLR mic, and you'd need an audio interface, and phantom power to power up this beast. In the bad-ass box they send, there is the microphone itself, and a shock mount. TLM 103 has low self-noise of 7db, which is good for voice over artists The CM25 studio microphone is an excellent quality condensing mic that is perfect for vocals and instruments. The Scarlett 2i2 is one of the best seller audio interfaces in the market. It connects directly to your computer with USB and will get all of your levels in the right place. You can record vocals and any instruments like guitars straight to your PC or Mac with this kit Best YouTube microphones. Whether you host your vlogs on YouTube or elsewhere, here are our top 5 recommendations for vlogging microphones for 2021: Best vlogging microphone under $500. AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser. The AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser Microphone is a studio-grade professional microphone. It won this category last year, and has. Wright WR BM 800 Condenser Microphone with USB Sound Card Mic Stand and POP Filter for Podcast and Studio Recording Singing Condenser mic All Full Set Kit (Black-Full-Set) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 ₹1,799 ₹ 1,799 ₹1,999 ₹1,999 Save ₹200 (10% Best Microphone Models Reviewed. On to the best mics for electric guitar as selected by us! We've included not just elite, super expensive microphones, but options to suit multiple budgets. These are explained within our list, for instance, the best microphone under $100 is nominated as the Shure Sm57

This microphone is a good middle ground between the very cheap and very expensive headset mic sets. It can be worn on either the right or left and side making finding the right position very easy. The sonic performance of the TH H74 is very good, with its unique design compensating for the proximity effect The best budget level podcast microphone is the Samson Q2U. It's a great starting point for any podcaster, and grows with you. For higher budget, and even higher quality, look to the Rode Procaster. Then, if you're going pro, I'd recommend the Shure SM7b for the best possible quality Aug 25, 2016 - The best cheap microphone is often all we need. We don't want the bottom rung but we also don't need to break the bank over recording in our home studio..

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Best Ultra Cheap Microphone for Streaming and Podcasting. Blue Snowball. On Amazon. See It . See it on Best Buy; See it on Walmart; Type: 2 x Blue 14mm condenser capsules Frequency Response 40Hz. Dynamic microphones also work quite well in quieter settings such as in recording studios. Condenser Microphones. Condenser microphones have a thin conductive diaphragm that is placed close to a metal backplate. This configuration acts like a capacitor whereby sound pressure will vibrate the diaphragm which in turn changes the capacitance to produce audio signals. As condenser microphones. Factor in its multiple recording modes, useful controls and sturdy, versatile design, and you've got the best overall microphone for the money. Best budget microphone: FIFINE K669B ($35.99. In this article, we'll be discussing all of the equipment you'll need for your home studio in 2021. As home studio creation has become more popular, companies have woken up to this trend and have thus created home recording studio equipment packages, which are made up of all the equipment you'll need to get started recording in your home environment

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The Blue Yeti is often lauded as the best gaming microphone, and even the best all round microphone at this price point as well. The sheer number of features and options explain why. The Yeti stands nearly 12 inches high on its included stand and comes in 11 different colors, including (but not limited to): silver, black, platinum, white, cool gray, and blue. This array of styles is useful if. Studio mics: A studio mic interfaces via XLR, meaning you'll need some form of sound card with XLR input jacks connected to your PC. Studio mics vary from affordable $100 models to prestigious.

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5 BEST Cheap Microphones for Youtube videos - under $100; Best Cheap Vlogging Microphone for Youtube - under $100 ; 5 criteria when I pick this list of best wired & wireless lapel microphones: Solid built from the reliable brands; Clear sound quality, and background noise-canceling; Does NOT create noise while shirt rubbing; Good review, and tested sound on youtube. Small and nice-looking. Best USB mic for streaming: Elgato Wave 3. Best-in-class software and integration with good usability; Integrated eight-channel mixer is a rare feature well implemente Finally, it is clear that the best mixing console for the recording studio is capable of giving an outstanding performance in recording, making crystal clear sound in the studio or live performance, and then share output through an external device. Every company discovers a new product by the inclusion of the an Attractive feature. In the above, I try to give you some best console mixer. Pop Filter, Peyou [Upgraded Three Layers] Recording Studio Microphone Windscreen Mic Mask Shield Pop Filter with Elastic Bands PEYOU $17.99 $ 17. 99 (306) Yeti_Foam SUNMON $13.99 $ 13. 99 (452) Pyle - Professional Dynamic Vocal Microphone - Cardioid Unidirectional Handheld Mic - XLR Connection PYLE $19.99 $ 19. 99. On-Stage Stands Desk Microphone Stand OnStage $13.99 $ 13. 99 (353) Snowball.

Low Price Best Microphone in BD _ M - Audio _ BanglaWhat Are The Best Microphones For Recording Rap VocalsTop Quality Studio Condenser MicsAston Stealth Voted - 'Best Microphone of 2019How To Build An Awesome (Cheap) DIY Vocal Recording Booth

Our top pick of the best cheap headphones is the Plantronics BackBeat Go 600, a winning blend of wireless Bluetooth convenience and powerful, bass-heavy sound. They're comfortable, too, thanks to.. It isn't surprising that more people need to buy Blue yeti-Microphones - best-analog microphones to recording and performances. Best Blue Yeti Microphone Review . Here is a list of the top 10 Yeti Microphone in 2021. 10. Blue 1967 Condenser Microphone Multipattern. View It Now on Amazon. Yeti Pro - remains a more superior development of Blue-mics, this machine has become these world's. But the best part about this mic is the multiple pattern section feature. There are 4 patterns to select in this mic which are stereo, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and cardioid. It is a plug and play microphone, so you won't need any software or driver to set up to use it

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